When we started D7 Media Institute, we had only one vision in mind and that is to make recording songs accessible to everyone, keeping talented and upcoming artists in mind. We are the largest recording studio in Coimbatore, with full infrastructure and facilities.

Launched with the grand vision to re-imagine sound and video, we are located in the foothills of Coimbatore in Kovaipudur, Coimbatore is often dubbed as the "Manchester of South India", a sprawling metropolis with high industrialization and a big economy. We are a 7000 Sq. feet facility, with 3 audio studios, and 1 Video/Photo studio with Cyclorama green screen room, with newly built Labs for students to practice, Studio Style accoustically treated classrooms, a large Preview Theatre and a multi purpose hall.

  1. Our Passion

    D7 Studios is dedicated to making music accessible to all people. Anyone can play, and create music. We are passionate about encouraging youngsters, college students to be able to create music, movies for good causes. We also want to encourage content creators on YouTube and other mediums to be able to create good content that can reach a wide array of audience.

  2. Our Vision

    Our Vision is to inspire many budding artists and creators who can express their creativity thorough music and video. We hope to create a unique set of studios around India that can help budding musicians and artists to be inspired and be an inspiration to the world through the power of music and video.

  3. Our Mission

    Our mission is to create a wonderful recording experience for our sound engineers and clients at affordable rates. The mission also emphasizes on creating talented artists who can create music at all levels and scale. Our holistic approach embodies a creative, friendly and humble environment to making music which is deeply embedded in our approach to provide the best of the best

We provide all types of recordings, movies scores, independent albums, content creation, corporate and many other formats. We also provide world class equipment’s and instruments for recordings, so that artists can work on various projects depending on their complexity. We foster a collaborative and creative environment, which will enable to us to think beyond and work together to create wonderful relationships that last long.

Our Services

In addition to our courses, we undertake commercial projects in which We provide expert services in different projects pretaining to the field of Audio, Video and Photography at affordable rates.

National Accreditation

With our One Year Diploma program accredited by the Central Government through Bharat Sevak Samaj, you can earn an internationally recognized diploma with a valuable portfolio

Our Partners

D7 Media Institute (D7 Group) has partnered with many institutions world-wide to provide the students with multiple opportunities.

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