Studio A - The Grand Studio

Studio A is the Biggest in terms of Size, with 16 mic recording integrations. Built with State of the art equipment’s, acoustics made to absolute perfection. In fact, the studio is modelled to perfection in length and breadth to the perfect Fibonacci golden spiral. This studio is one of the most sophisticated studios in Coimbatore and the largest recording space.

The studio is built for large recordings for Bands, multiple instrument takes etc. Studio is big enough to handle a full orchestration session with advanced miking sessions. Some of the most famous and legendary recordings have taken place in this Studio.

The recently released song- Devadas Parvathi – Ennoda Baasha sung by the late SPB Sir, was recorded in our studio along with video. Our clients also include film personnel from Mumbai, Tamil cine industry. The studio since its inception has to be host more than thousands of recordings.

The studio is also used as a state of the art Mixing and Mastering Facility with High End equipment’s from AMS Neve, AVID etc. The quality of the recordings in the studios are impeccable and unmatched to any other studio in Coimbatore and probably one of the best in South India.

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