Sound Engineering

One Year Diploma Programme

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1 Year Diploma
Audio Engineering
3 Classes Per week with practical sessions

Student Operating Audio Mixer

This course at D7 Media Institute is designed in order to provide the essentials of audio engineering such as sound capturing, miking techniques, Fundamentals of DAW, mixing and mastering and live sound. It also contains the theory of music, programming skill set and audio post production, consisting of the implementations on theory as well as practical sessions and projects. This is one of a kind course in Coimbatore, which focuses on the practical approach as well as theortical knowledge. D7 Media Institute offers 3 World class studios fitted with top-of-the-line equipment, analog outboard gear, complete software packages with plugin bundles and faster IO processing performance with ProTools HDX. Students are provided with a Studio dedicated for their practice and experimentation, while they can book and use the other studios as well. The students will be spending a considerable amount of time in the fully Mac powered labs, fitted with the powerful M1 Mac Minis, maxed out both in its hardware and its software plugin bundles to replicate and experiment what they have learnt in the acoustically sound studio-style classroom. The course enables the students to master the core concepts of audio engineering and enhances the confidence required for the industry standard.

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Diploma in Sound Engineering Professional Courses is accredited by Bharat Sevak Samaj.

Areas of Focus

  • Working with ProTools and Logic pro
  • Routing basics
  • Hardware setup
  • Audio gears and their specifications
  • Studio management
  • Perception of sound
  • Multitrack recording
  • Miking and signal processing
  • Creative Mixing ideas
  • Analog mastering
  • Dubbing and sfx
  • Programming with MIDI controllers
  • Sampling and wave editing
  • Frequency analysis and balancing

Our Teaching Method

International Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed by Subject Matter Experts, Unviersity Gold Medalists and industry professionals in the field of Audio and Video

Theory + Practical

You will be learning theoritical aspects of Audio and Video and be able to practice what has been taught in the classroom then and there.

Portfolio Building

You as a student will be building a portfolio during the course of the program, by engaging yourselves into a maximum of 15 projects.

World-Class Facilities

With 3 audio studios, Cyclorama video studio, Sound Proofed Studio style Classrooms, Edit suite, and fully Mac powered Labs, you get the finest facilities.

Blended Learning

Monthly workshops will be taught by leading industry professionals from Chennai, Mumbai or Worldwide. You will be exposed to international standards of operation.

Experinced Faculty

Our faculty have many years of experience in their respective fields like film industry, music industry or the research and development of upcoming technology.

Central Government approved Diploma

In the context of reaching the unreached, Bharat Sevak Samaj National Vocational Educational System is being established firmly in India to take education to the doorsteps of learners, enhancing social equality and creating flexibility for life long learning. Your diploma is accrediteb by the Central Government through BSS, therefore making you eligible for occupation throughout the world.

What You can do with our Diploma

Our diploma at D7 Media Institute is provided by the Central Government of India through Bharat Sevak Samaj, hence the diploma is accepted worldwide. Using this diploma, you can gain job offers and placements in various relevant industries. This diploma stands as the proof of your mastery in the relevant field. Paired along with your project portfolio, you can get a job anywhere in the world.

  • Sound Engineer at Recording Studios
  • Mixing and Mastering Engineer at Studios
  • Independent Mixing/Mastering Engineer
  • Sound Engineer at TV and Film Studios
  • Sound Consultant
  • Music Producer

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Our Curriculum

Common for all Sound Engineering Courses

Analog vs Digital Audio
Wave to signal
Binaural perception of sound
Characteristics of sound waves
Sound propagation

Microphone patterns
Advanced miking techniques
Audio cables and connectors
Outboard processing
Signal processing
Digital and analog consoles
Setting up consoles
Basics of soldering
Studio Monitors and Speakers
Stereo and Surround Sound

Logic pro basics
Pro Tools basics
Other DAWs
Musical notations & Cleff-recognition
Instrumentations and arrangement
I/O routing and troubleshooting
Optimization of computers

Routing & Patching
Console and Control Surfaces
Loud speaker positioning
Studio acoustics
Sound Proofing
Studio management

Plugin applications
Effects processing
EQ and compression
Time and Spatial Effects
Leveling and imaging
Intro: Digital and analog mastering

Live sound
Speaker Designs
Signal Processing
External Effects Processing
Hardware setup

Specialization in Sound Engineering

Preparing for Mixing
Volume Balance
I/O Routing – Send, Inserts
Pitch Correction
EQ & Noise Gate
Compression and Limiting
Time Effects – Reverb & Delay
Mixing for Mono
Mixing for Stereo
Mixing for Surround Sound
Mixing for Films and TV

Preparing for mastering
Analog and Digital Mastering
Mastering for internet – YouTube,
Spotify, Netflix, iTunes
Mastering for Movies and TV
Stem Mastering
Songs Mastering

Sound Sampling
Automated Dialogue Replacement
Foley and sound effects
Field and Location recording
Boom operation

Audio Synthesis
Synthesisers vs Samplers
Audio Samples and loops
Audio and MIDI Editing
Stock vs Sample VSTs

Sound for Videos
Sound for Games
Sound for AR/VR content
Sound and Lighting for LSR
Adaptive Audio Integration

Vocal and Instrument recording
Song Production
Music Production
Mixing and Mastering

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