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Study at the D7 Media institute with the masters in the courses of Audio, Video and Photography

At D7 Media Institute, we boast of the amazing faculty we have. Our faculty are trained in the industry methods and have years of experience in the industry working with various talents and artists. You can read about our faculty briefly here. Apply now to join our courses to learn from such masters of the craft and creativity!

Dr. Christopher Abraham

Dr. Christopher Abraham has 3 Masters and a PhD. He is a Certified Design Thinker with 33 years’ experience in management consulting, and management education. Currently he is the CEO - Dubai campus at the S P Jain School of Global Management, a Top 10 ranked business School. Prof. Abraham has been a visiting Professor at universities in Australia, USA, Canada, Singapore and UK.

A TEDx and keynote speaker, he has done assignments for The World Bank, The Executive Council, Emirates Airlines, SEWA, Aramex, DHL, P & G, LG, etc. Twice Awarded “Best CEO in the World” and Twice winner of the Education Leadership Award

Regularly Interviewed in CNBC, Dubai Eye, Dubai TV etc. Global Advisory Board Member - World CMO Council (Council of Chief Marketing Officers)

Dr. Nathaniel Christopher

Nathan Christopher is an Accomplished Financial Consultant and Studio Director, with vast experiences in the field on Audio and Video Equipments. He is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Finance from SP Jain School of Global Management.

Daniel Charles Samuel

Daniel Charles Samuel holds degree in Sound Engineering (SAE) & graduate in Electronics & Media Technology Engineering (Karunya University). Daniel was HOD for Audio Engineering department in Bridge Academy Media Studies and has strong Mixing and mastering experience and ardent in music production. He’s specialized in Live sound, Gaming audio & Media consulting, and trainer for virtual Audio workshops. He is also trained in playing instruments such as Keyboard and drums.

Abhishek Tripathy

Abhishek has worked in numerous films, TV and Web series as Sound Designer and Location Sound Engineer. He has worked in films such as Oh Kadhal kanmani, Leila, Secret Superstar, Mirzapur, Fan and much more and he will be sharing his experiences and ideas with the students.

Isaac Samuel

Isaac has worked in many song recordings, mixing/mastering sessions and has composed for many plays and short films. He now works as the mixing/mastering engineer and as music producer.

Dalbut Pelfrey William

Dalbut has experience in acoustics, sound engineering and film making. He has worked in plays, television channels and live broadcasting. He also has worked as Sound and Media Consultant for many studios, both in India and around the world.

Riyo Antony

Riyo is an Avid Certified and Apple Certified Engineer. Riyo’s experience in Music and Post Production has always been his passion and it has always kept him revived and fresh. Starting his career as a musician, He always had a craving for Audio Technology.

Background Score for film is something he has been passionately working on. For him, Creativity does not have any rules, so he keep experimenting my work with a creative difference.

Naveen Stephan

Naveen Stephan is a talented Mixing and Mastering engineer who has done many projects in Chennai. He is currently working on studio projects and Mixing for background scores for clients. He is also a SFX Sound Designer.

His favorite plugins are FAB Filter and UAD. He has through know on EQ, Compressions and Limiting techniques using Analog Gear. He often cites on the Warmth produced by Analog gear.


Thooyavan is a Creative Audio Engineer with areas of expertise includes Mixing, Mastering, and Music Programming. He is Tech-savvy and hardworking with excellent troubleshooting abilities. He assisted as an sound engineer to Mr.Abin Puspakaran-Sound Engineer | Blu Academy, Chennai, IN. Assisted in multiple projects “Bafoon Kadhal, No Mattum sollatha, Nodu Shiva, Inaivi The Bridge, etc... “

He collaborated with industry’s finest producers and performers to determine and achieve desired sound for productions. Talented at quickly setting up sessions and utilizing DAW software to mix and edit tracks, including Logic Pro X, Cubase & Reaper, also certified user of Universal Audio plugins. He approaches mixing in both static and creative ways to derive a good result in the way it sounds. He is also passionate about Mic techniques & Room Acoustics, and his other interests are on Sound designing and Teaching music & Sound.

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