Studio C - The Student Friendly Studio

Built just for students to fully engage in the learning experience. The studio is freely open to all students throughout the day for their learning. Practical projects are the most important part of any learning experience and we strive to achieve that by providing students a learning experience wherein they will be able to focus on Hands on training modules and student projects.

Students will create a portfolio of projects for themselves during the course and be able to apply them throughout their future for job and for personal work. This studio is useful to students who are learning their way around the studio, and lets them experiment thier creativity before they get boggled by the impressive equipment found in the other two larger studios.

Foley, Voice Overs and vocals, simple audio radio edits, beat making and music production can be done here. Sure, this is not the first preference for 5.1 mixinig, but this will be the first for anyone who wants to rely on their brains more than their equipment.

Our Equipment on Board

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